The BOSTON dog collar is a classic look on any four legged friend. The blue, red and white fabric comes with the standard diamond pattern in the larger sizes (M, L and XL) and the smaller sizes have a cross pattern (XS and S).


Please see sizing guide for more information.



Dog Collar - BOSTON

  • XS (e.g. Jack Russell)

    Width: 2cm (0.75")  Length: 40cm


    S  (e.g. Westie)

    Width: 2cm (0.75") Length: 45cm


    M (e.g. Spaniel)

    Width: 2.5cm (1")   Length: 50cm


    (e.g. Labrador)

    Width: 2.5cm (1")  Length: 55cm


    XL (e.g. Retriever)

    Width: 2.5cm (1") Length: 60cm