This Pink and Blue collar with a Cream stripe is perfect for the girly girl dog. 


Leather collar with silver buckle.


The Pink, Blue and Cream fabric comes with the standard diamond pattern in the larger sizes (M, L and XL) and the smaller sizes have a cross pattern (XS and S).


Dog Collar - BRAY

  • XS (e.g. Jack Russell)

    Width: 2cm (0.75")  Length: 40cm


    S  (e.g. Westie)

    Width: 2cm (0.75") Length: 45cm


    M (e.g. Spaniel)

    Width: 2.5cm (1")   Length: 50cm


    (e.g. Labrador)

    Width: 2.5cm (1")  Length: 55cm


    XL (e.g. Retriever)

    Width: 2.5cm (1") Length: 60cm